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Engagement Photo Sessions: Capturing The “Real You” Before Your Big Day

I am a Sydney Engagement Photographer. This gallery shows some of my engagement and pre-wedding shots taken in and around Sydney, Australia. 

E-Sessions or engagement photo sessions are gaining popularity as an integral part of a wedding photography package. This low-key session is ideal for modern couples looking for a way to capture their pre-marriage lives with total authenticity. It’s a simple, casual photo session that can take place anywhere from a few weeks to a few months before the wedding, in the location of your choice. You might choose a location that has special meaning for you, such as the place you first met, your favourite secluded beach or even your own home or backyard!
The purpose of a e-session is to capture the two of you as you really are in everyday life. No fancy outfits, no careful poses and no artificial backgrounds—just real feelings in real surroundings. The photographer might photograph you making your favourite meal together or simply walking arm-in-arm along a busy street. There are no rules for a e-session—it’s all about finding an activity that feels right and lets you express your true selves.
When you booked with me, you also get a complimentary e-session, and I will will guide you in choosing a venue and activity that reflects your unique style and provides a colourful and characteristic backdrop for your images. Years from now, the photos taken during your e-session will crystallise a moment in time, and remind you and your friends and family of who you were all those years ago.
To find out more about my complimentary Sydney engagement photography session, just contact me.